About us

Norlis Antikvariat was established as part of Olaf Norlis Bog- og Papirhandel in 1890 and has been located in Universitetsgaten ever since.

The shop is a stone’s throw from Karl Johan – Oslo’s main street, and across the road from the old National Gallery.

On the ground floor you will find a large selection of art books, books on photography and architecture, as well as first editions and literature in French and German. In addition to our growing collection of rare maps and prints, the ground floor also holds books and works suitable as gifts.

Our first floor has history as well as sports and leisure. You will find local history, books on polar exploration, world war two literature, natural sciences, and more. We also have a room for fiction in Norwegian and English, children's books and science fiction. The first floor has a good range of maps, prints and manuscripts. And of course the «Holy of Holies»: the Blue Room with many of our most treasured books. Welcome!

What is Norlis Antikvariat?

The shop is centrally located, a stone's throw from Karl Johan. Unlike a modern book shop we offer out of print books, like exclusive first editions, charming cook books, sports, or old travel writing. Imagine the number of works, on every imaginable topic, that has ever been written. You find them here.

Antique maps is another speciality. They are more than just decorative. They also offer a unique insight into how previous ages' map makers saw the world.

We can also boast a large selection of prints and calligraphy. Some are written by kings, some by 15th century monks, to mention a few.

Are you looking for a one of a kind gift? Then Norlis antikvariat is the place to look. We are happy to help you, no gift is too small or too large.


Olaf Norlis Boghandel opened on 15 May 1890 in Universitetsgaten 24, where Laura Ashley is today. More buildings were added and Norlis came to rule the street. Norlis has been in Universitetsgaten in one form or another since 1890!

Olaf Norli started a "regular" book shop, but he believed in the sale and purchase of used books from the beginning. The opening advertisement mentions sale of both old and new books as equal products. The antiquarian part has as such always been part of the shop. We are happy to have a copy of Norli's first catalogue on display in the shop.

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Our staff

Anders Brenno

Antiquarian bookshop clerk
– ansatt 2016
  • Studied at Einar Granum Kunstfagskole and Kunsthøgskolen i Oslo.
  • Deltok på Høstutstillingen 2013 med videoen «Vampire Yeah» og i 2021 med «Dødens Triumf (Døden i Valdres)».
  • Made his literary debut in 2015 with the poetry collection «Vampire yeah», published by H. Aschehoug & Co (W. Nygaard). His second collection «MAKK og SØKKJI» was published 2019.

Richard Sørbø

Antiquarian bookseller
– ansatt 2020
  • Single subject studies at the University of Oslo, most recently a one year course in French in 2019.
  • Employed in J. W. Cappelens Antikvariat in 1993, one year with Mats Rehnström in Stockholm.
  • Has run his own antiquarian bookshop in Oslo, Tønsberg and Drammen 2001-2019.

Sindre Sperre Holmen

Antiquarian bookshop clerk
– ansatt 2012
  • Bachelor in history of ideas, bachelor in linguistics, latin studies. Is currently finishing his Masters degree in linguistics.

Siri Gerrard

Manager, co-owner and antiquarian bookseller
– ansatt 2001
  • Educated in English and literature.
  • Work experience as a photo model in Italy and Germany. She also works as a freelance journalist.

Sirin Elisabeth Johnsen

Co-owner and antiquarian bookseller
– ansatt 2013
  • BA in English literature from the University of York, and Einar Granum Kunstfagskole