Purchase, sale and auctions

Most of our stock is privately bought. This is typically in connection with moving, inheritance or a wish for beloved books to find a new home.

We are happy to consider larger collections of books, but prefer to know what kind of books are being sold before we do home visits. The easiest way to do this is to send us pictures of the books' spines by e-mail. We do not need individual pictures of every book.

This way we can quickly judge which books we are interested in considering before making an offer.

It is also worth pointing out that we rely on turning a profit. We are not able to match every price you may see online. The book's condition is also a central consideration.

Appearance is often as important as what is inside.

We also sell books and maps by commission. This is based on the value of the product, and is something we discuss directly with the seller.

We leave auctions to our colleagues, but have had – and plan to have – "mini-auctions", more akin to bidding rounds for objects of particular interest.