When is a book antiquarian?

We get this question a lot and there is no easy answer. Antiquus means old, and it is common to apply this to 100 years. A book from the 19th century is thus undoubtedly antiquarian, but so are the books of Dag Solstad or Ingvar Ambjørnsen.

The most important aspects to consider is edition and when it was published in an author's career.

Feel free to ask us if you are in doubt.

Does old mean valuable?

No, not necessarily. The book's condition may not mean everything, but it is important. Some works can be valuable despite flaws, most are not.

And something as simple as a dust jacket can mean the difference between a book with value and one without.

Do you accept all kinds of books?

Some people have large book collections. Many realise they are unable to bring all their books with them, for example when moving from a big house to a smaller flat.

Not all are interested in earning money off their books, but would rather they came to good use. People like their books, also when they know that they are without large economic value.

We often get asked if we want them donated to us.

Which we naturally appreciate, and go to great lengths to accommodate. Unfortunately we still have to decline sometimes, we are also bound by restricted space.

Do you speacialise in anything?

We are good at maps and prints. We also have a section for comics and graphic novels, including originals. When it comes to books, our fly fishing section is well stocked, but our collection is broad and we have something within most genres.

Do you only have old and expensive books?

No! We have something in every price range.