Flora Danica

Original copperplate engravings

“Aftegninger paa de Planter, som voxe vildt i Kongerigerne Danmark og Norge, i Hertugdommene Slesvig og Holsteen, og i Grevskaberne Oldenburg og Delmenhorst, til at oplyse det under Titel Flora Danica paa Kongelig Befaling foranstaltete Verk over disse Planter,” was published from 1761 to 1881 in 54 volumes with 3240 copperplates. The work had the support of the Norwegian-Danish kings, and the first publisher was Georg Christian Oeder, who started the work in Norway in 1755. The first 600 plates (I–DC) are therefore guaranteed to be plants found in Norway. In the 1790s the work was used as a model for Den kongelige Porcelænsfabriks (Royal Copenhagens) porcelain Flora Danica.

The work is not to be confused with the first Flora Danica – Dansk Urtebog by Simon Pauli, commissioned by Christian IV and published by Plantin in Antwerpen. These plates are significantly smaller, ca. 16 x 12 cm (6.2 x 4.7 in).

Plate number I was the Norwegian cloudberry (Multe/Rubus chamaemorus), and is highly sought after.

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